Title Date Description Address Download/Link
Intimation of Change of Address 30/08/2018 Download(11 KB)
Report of Transport of Ownership 30/08/2018 Download(10 KB)
Notice of Transfer of Ownership 30/08/2018 Download(9 KB)
No Objection Certificate 30/08/2018 Download(8 KB)
Renewal of Registration of Motor Vehicle 30/08/2018 Download(8 KB)
Registration of Motor Vehicle 30/08/2018 Download(14 KB)
Renewal of Driving License 30/08/2018 Download(7 KB)
Addition of New Class to DL 30/08/2018 Download(6 KB)
Driving License (DL) 30/08/2018 Download(11 KB)
Regional Transport Office – Learners License 30/08/2018 Download(15 KB)