Shivamoga district is a district in the Karnataka state of India. A major part of Shimoga district lies in the malnad region or the Sahyadri. Shivamoga city is its administrative centre. Jog Falls is a major tourist attraction. As of 2011 Shimoga district has a population of 1,755,512. There are seven taluks: Bhadravathi , Hosanagara, Sagara, Shivamoga, Shikaripura, Soraba and Thirthahalli.

Shimoga was previously known as Mandli.There are legends about how the name Shivamogga has evolved. According to one, the name Shivamogga is related to the Hindu God Shiva. Shiva-Mukha (Face of Shiva), Shivana-Moogu (Nose of Shiva) or Shivana-Mogge (Flowers to be offered to Shiva) can be the origins of the name “Shivamogga”. Another legend indicates that the name Shimoga is derived from the word Sihi-Moge which means sweet pot. According to this legend, Shimoga once had the ashram of the sage Durvasa. He used to boil sweet herbs in an earthen pot. Some cowherds, found this pot and after tasting the sweet beverage named this place Sihi-Moge.