The main objective of the department is to enable the spirit of equality ,self depending and co-operation through co-operative

sector in the families who depend on hand looms and power looms as their main occupation. To utilize all the inherent co-operative

quality of the skilled enterprises in overall development of skilled entrepreneurs.

In shimoga district,the office is presently situated in District Industries Centre building, Nehru

road.Programmes of the department are implemented through state sector and district sector programmes.The assistant director of

Handlooms and Textiles is the district level officer for implementing various schemes of the department for benefit of weavers.

Schemes of the Department

District Sector Plans

  • Providing working capital for community weaving centres
  • Providing improved equipment’s and tools
  • Training to weavers
  • Working capital to hand looms>
  • Modernization of hand looms
  • Government share capital for hand loom cooperative societies.

Weavers Welfare Schemes

  • Medical assistance
  • Scholorship for studying childrens of weavers.
  • Asistance for cremation of deceased weaver.
  • Assistance for providing electric connection to weavers house.
  • Providing worksheds adjoining to the houses of weavers.
  • Exhibition and sale of handloom products during festivals and fairs.
  • Community weaver centre for powerloom societies
  • Working capital through NCDC schemes
  • SCP/TSP scheme for providing training & assisting weavers of SC/ST
  • Group insurance schemes for weavers.

For details contact :

Assistant Director,

Handlooms & Textiles

District Industries Centre Building,

Nehru Road

Shivamogga 577 201

training for handlooms
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