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Horticulture crops are growing in 121281.00 ha area in Shimoga district, i.e, 43.03% of the net cultivating area in the district and more than 15% in the state. Cultivation of plantation and spice crops are more in malnad regions where in semimalnad regions farmers are cultivating fruits and vegetables along with plantation and spice crops. Earlier day’s arecanut cultivation was traditionally restricted to the malnad regions only but now due to increased demand cultivation is extending to semimalnad regions. As the climatic condition is favorable for the cultivation of areca nut(92,181 ha), coconut (6.040 ha), and cocoa hence cultivation of these crops is practicing.

           Cultivation of Ginger (3,828 ha), Black pepper (4,131 ha.), Cardamom (110 ha.), Tree spice and Nutmeg crops are very popular. Fruit crops like Banana(6,321 ha.), Mango (3,618 ha.) and pineapple (1,475ha) etc., are cultivating. In semimalnad regions, vegetable crops like Chilli, Beans, Brinjal, Tomato cabbage and leafy vegetables cultivation is practicing among these chilli is a major crop, apart from chilli all other vegetables are growing in a small scale.


Medicinal and Aromatic crops like Vanilla, Pachuoli, Hippali crops are gaining more importance. Flower crops like Rose, Jasmine, Aster, Crossandra and Tuberose cultivation is also practicing. Anthurium and Gerbera which are growing under Green house and Polyhouse are gaining more importance now days.

The Department of Horticulture playing vital role in development of horticulture crops in Shimogha district and department is giving technical information to the farmers. Fruit crop seedlings were developed in 4 Horticulture farms in an area of 51.53 Acre under Zillapanchayath and good quality seedlings are also developing. Different fruit plants are developing in 8 horticulture farms in an area of 326.15 Acre land under state zone. Mango, Sapota, Coconut and Arecanut crops are growing in large scale whereas oil palm, Cashew, Jasmine, Cocoa, Aonla, Cherry and Kamarak are growing in small scale. Horticulture department developed a good quality seedlings and directly distributing to the farmers.

Good quality seedlings are producing in the departmental farms where there is availability of basic resources like poly house, shade net and water. Leaves and fruits of the horticulture crops are investigating under laboratory and information regarding those crops are giving to the farmers. Good quality Banana Tissue culture plants are Produced and distributed to farmers successfully.

Department of horticulture is giving economical support to the farmers under Zillapanchayath scheme during 2019-20 for the oil palm cultivation, establishment of drip irrigation and Plant protection measures. National Horticulture Mission given a economical support to the farmers for the cultivateing horticulture crops, crops includes Fruit crops like Mango, Sapota, Banana, cashew and Pineapple, Flower crops like Rose, Tuberose, Spice crops like Black pepper, Ginger and Clove. Under different schemes, Subsidy was given to the purchasing of instruments and machineries which are utilized under Horticulture.

2019-20 Progress report till end Jan 2020 (Rs.In lakhs)

Central Schemes
Schemes Target Release Progress
1. National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture 385.50 292.29 247.29
2. Integrated Farming in Coconut for Productivity Improvement Programme 85.29 13.31 10.83
3. National Horticulture Mission 898.19 424.42 396.80
4. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojane- RKVY Horticulture 145.00 124.50 122.63
5. Submission on Agriculture Mechanization 142.00 142.00 118.74
State Sector Schemes
Schemes Target Release Progress
1. Comprehensive Horticulture Development 351.49 270.49 258.10
2. Scheme for Integrated Control of Pests & Diseases of Horticultural Crops 64.00 64.00 58.696
3. Development of Madhuvana and Apiculture 44.47 32.00 28.40
4. Development and Maintenance of Farms & Nurseries 9.89 6.50 5.96
5. Development of Departmental Laboratories 0.60 0.60 0.50
District Sector Schemes
Schemes Target Release Progress
1. Oil palm cultivation in potential states 7.50 7.50 7.00
2. Drip irrigation – Special Subsidy for Horticultural crops 60.00 60.00 53.58
3. Horticulture Buildings 53.58 0.00 0.00
4. Maintenance of Horticultural Farms 15.00 15.00 11.05
5. Scheme for Seed Coconut Procurement and Nursery Maintenance 10.00 10.00 6.96
6. Publicity and literature 5.00 5.00 2.00
7. Cold Storage Subvention 2.86 2.86 1.10
8. Apiculture 24.79 24.79 18.15
9. Assistance to Farmers 31.00 31.00 25.10
10. Training to Farmers 2.50 2.50 1.00


RTI-4(1) A                             RTI-4(1) B

Departments Statistics (District)

2018-19 area and production

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Deputy Director of Horticulture (ZP),

Gandhipark, Shimoga

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Senior Assistant  Director of Horticulture (ZP),
Gandhipark, Shimoga,

Phone : 08182-270415
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Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture (ZP), Tarikere Road, Gandhi circle, Bhadravathi

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Senior Assistant  Director of Horticulture (ZP), Opposite LIC office, S.S. Road, Shikaripura

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Senior Assistant  Director of Horticulture, (ZP), Soraba

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Senior Assistant  Director of Horticulture, (ZP), Agrahara, Sagara

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Senior Assistant  Director of Horticulture (ZP), Kushavathi, Thirthahalli

Phone : 08181-228151

Gangankoppa Horticulture farm, Hosanagara

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Senior Assistant  Director of Horticulture, (State Sector), Gandhipark, Shimoga

Phone : 08182-222794
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Deputy Director of Horticulture, Center of Excellence, Biocenter, B.H.Road, Shimoga

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Assistant  Director of Horticulture, Leaf Analysis Lab, Biocenter, B.H.Road, Shimoga

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Assistant  Director of Horticulture, Leaf Analysis Lab, Biocenter, B.H.Road, Shimoga

Phone: 08182-220422
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