Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS)


         The NRDMS Centre for Shivamogga district was established during the month of June 1995 at Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Shivamogga with financial support from Deprtment of Science and Technology, Govt. of India , Implemented by K.S.C.S.T, Bangalore with active support from Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt of Karnataka.    The main objective of the centre is to create the  digital database on Natural resources, Demography, Agro & Socio economy and infrastructure facilities  of the  District to provide analysed information to the district administrators, Zilla panchayath, line departments, Academic institutions and NGOs in Natural resources management and  rural development planning with the help of  GIS  and other advanced scientific technologies. As per the G.O. of Govt. of Karnataka, the centre was shifted to Zilla panchayath premises and been functioning at office of the Zilla panchayath, Shivamogga since June 2002.

Need of NRDMS

  • Large Diversity of Spatial Data
  • Many types of data are used for more than one purpose by more and more one user.
  • Utility of data set may be greatly enhanced by merging or liking it with other data sets.
  • Reliability/ consistency can be enhanced by correlating different parameters.
  • Many organizations are involved in data collection and updating.
  • Need for standardization/ compatibility of procedures of data collection and adaptation.
  • Need to improve the utilization of data for decision making.


  • To develop, demonstrate methods/techniques and tools for operational using the concept of “Decentralized (Local level) Planning” using geospatial technologies.
  • To provide value added information for district level planning using geospatial database.
  • Development of integrated digital database for generating
  • Resource profiles
  • Query-based information
  • Static and dynamic outputs based on Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS).
  • Interaction through workshops with line department officials and stakeholders at multi-level to assess their information needs in implementing the schemes and capacity building.
  • To develop local specific applications using GIS tools.
  • To create awareness among end-users about the utility of GIS technologies by conducting regular training programs and workshops.
  • Documentation and dissemination.
  • To establish district NRDMS centers in all the districts to develop database and applications that are relevant to planning and administration.

Activities and Applications carried out at NRDMS Centre 2019-20

As primary objective of the NRDMS Project, the NRDMS Centre has created Extensive data base on Spatial Database (Maps) and Non-Spatial Database (Attribute data) of Natural Resources, Socio & agro-economic parameters and Infrastructure facilities of the district after collating from the line departments and other organizations and it is been updating regularly based on nature of availability of data and requirements.

  • The NRDMS Centre has been assisting the District administration, Zilla Panchayath, line departments, NGO’s and Academic institutions by providing analysed information in the form of maps, graphs, charts and technical reports which are self-explanatory.
  • Prepared a GP Atlas under the direction of the Chief Executive officer, Zilla panchayath, Shivamogga .
  • Prepared a Disaster management report of Shivamogga District under the direction of the Deputy Commissioner, Shivamogga .
  • Prepared a brief report on Crime mapping and Beat Mapping under the Direction of Superintendent of police, Shivamogga District.  
  • Prepared Safer Zone maps of Shivamogga District for the location of Stone crushers by relaxing criteria among the criteria provided by the Supreme court and submitted to the  Dept of Mines and Geology .
  • Prepared Assembly, Lokasabha, TP and ZP constituency maps during Elections   submitted to the Deputy Commissioner, Shivamogga. 
  • Carried out GPS Surveying  and  Prepared Geodatabase on  BCM Hostels Situated  in Shivamogga District as per the direction of  Chief Executive Officer, Zilla panchayath , Shivamogga .
  • Prepared Geospatial action plan under the direction of Principal Secretary, Planning, Programme Monitoring and Statistics Department and submitted to the Planning Division, Bangalore.

Contact details

Shankar P
Technical officer,
District NRDMS Centre, Planning Section,
Zilla Panchayath Office, Kuvempu Road, Shivamogga – 577201

Contact : 08182-223906 / 9980064163
E-Mail :